The creator’s journey is a tumultuous one. But here’s your cheat code to the madness.

People think going viral will solve all their problems. This is not the case.

Going viral is not the goal.
Virality Isn’t the Goal

Anyone can reach worldwide audiences simply by posting online — what does this mean for the digital creators?

The internet’s gatekeepers aren’t gone. They’re hiding.

Communities allow a creator to monetize their knowledge, time, and access

How remote work is turning the workforce into digital nomads

A community is only as good as its participants, but more than 90% of them will never speak up

No write = Wrong

An audience passively sits and watches the stage, where the influencer is a headliner

Audience is a one-way relationship while a community involves everyone

Today’s advertising constantly interrupts people from their intention

Intrusive ads come in between your intentions


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