Whoever Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Clearly Didn’t Have Any

Money equals happiness

Money Isn’t The Answer to All Problems. Just 99% Of Them.

We’re going to tell it to you straight: wanting to have a lot of money doesn’t make you a bad person.

You should relish the idea of shamelessly overindulging at a high-end restaurant without worrying about calories or the check. Fantasize about driving around in the latest red convertible. Daydream about waking up in the middle of a secluded island.

Okay, okay, we’re getting a bit carried away with impulsive materialistic purchases. Yet our point remains — money is an amazing thing.

We live in a world of abundance. Wanting to partake in this abundance and have money is not only natural: it’s encouraged.

Money allows you to not only solve financial, mental, and health related issues, but also help others. Every person on the planet has an individual gift to offer the world, and money allows you to share it amongst others.

Consider the musicians you grew up obsessed with. What if they never allowed themselves to splurge on music lessons or an electric guitar? Or consider the magical, remote tropical islands we now have access to thanks to the aviation industry. What if the millions of dollars poured into its research and development never happened?

Money is a necessity. Not because making money is only about making money. It’s because it lets you partake in these incredible experiences, uncover novel ideas, and helps you become who you are.

Let’s All Get Over Ourselves — Money Matters

Why is there this idea that wanting a lot of money makes you a bad person, anyways?

There’s the trope of an enlightened individual who resides in a shack deep up in the mountains. They live off the bare minimum amongst the pine trees and dry soil. They’re unbothered, completely alone in the woods.

We’ve heard of this storyline millions of times. It pushes the discourse that it’s noble to be humble, altruistic, and living as minimalistically as possible.

Yeah, that doesn’t fly in the 21st century.

Regrettably, for most of us, we can’t pull off an “Into the Wild” and live off berries and rabbits in the wilderness. We’re chained to a reality which includes mortgages, credit card bills, health insurance, taxes, and other really fun things.

In America especially, the brutal truth is that society is generally heartless in regards to poverty. The poor are continuously punished.

Not enough money for bail? You end up serving jail time and probation.

Haven’t hit the minimum amount in your checkings account? Expect monthly maintenance fees.

Can’t chalk up $320k to go to college? Yeah, neither can we.

Thinking that you can live comfortably in poverty simply isn’t feasible.

The Best Way To Stop Thinking About Money, Is To Have a Bunch Of It

Let’s say you’re still hell-bent on this idea that a true enlightened individual doesn’t need money to be happy. You can negotiate that this person is lifted from poverty and can afford the necessities. Yet, money is not a priority in their lives.

The irony here is that when you ignore how necessary money is, you actually end up thinking about it x10 more than the average person.

Think about it. If you’re refusing to let money navigate your life, but you are:

  • Spending hours in your vehicle driving to the cheapest grocery store and gas station
  • Not investing in hobbies and skills you’re interested in because you can’t afford it
  • Clipping pharmacy coupons, researching cheap happy hour deals, and hunting down sales

We’ve got news for you. Your life now revolves around money. Or rather, your lack thereof.

Time that could be spent doing genuinely productive things that would enable you to earn money is instead wasted. You pour your hours into thinking you’re “playing the game,” when in reality, the game is playing you.

So, how do you stop letting money dominate your life?

Simple: have a sh*tton of it.

Happiness is Overrated

The thing about chasing “happiness” is that it’s subjective. Our definition of happiness will differ from yours.

We could go back and forth on the meaning of happiness and whether money allows you to achieve it. Yet, we can agree on one thing; not having any money guarantees unhappiness.

Money doesn’t buy you perfect health, but it gives you access to healthcare and therapists.

Money doesn’t buy you love, but it gives you time to invest in your interpersonal relationships.

Money doesn’t buy you family, but it allows you to provide for one if need be.

Alongside comfort, money provides you with a peace of mind. In our opinion, this is where happiness actually lies. The CEO of Angellist Naval defines happiness as the ability to present.

What’s tricky with “happiness” is that there’s a negative connotation. If you’re happy now, it’s because at one point you weren’t. There’s a yin and yang dynamic which means happiness is paradoxically ephemeral.

Being present is different. In that moment of peace, you’re not wishing for anything more or less. The second the words “I wish, I want, I just…” enter your stream of consciousness, the moment slips away.

This peace of mind isn’t accessible if you’re riddled with anxiety about money problems.

In The Future, Everyone From Dog Walkers to Window Cleaners Can Make Tons of Money

The good news is that this placidness is a learnable skill which can be learned. Meaning, happiness is learnable too.

The even better news? Making money is also a skill you can teach yourself.

Here at Officeparty, we’re creating a tool that will offer daily, repeatable habits to learn, earn, and connect with like-minded people. By harnessing the power of the individual, content creator, and community, we’re creating an ecosystem that is built upon peer-to-peer marketing and referrals.

Users get paid for something they already do for free, every single day: word-of-mouth marketing. Officeparty is going to give you the system to be able to earn money from something you already do, free of charge.

Allowing users to earn money is our mission. We want you to start living your life with intention, freely, and being able to spread your abundance back to others. Get started for free (duh) with us here.



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